Stronghold 3 patch available on Steam

General Fixes:

· Fix for villagers which would break some saves.
· Fix for wheat farmers. If ever a wheat farmer was replaced by another wheat farmer the wheat cycle would stop.
· Fix for weaponsmith load/save issue.
· Fix for knight load/save issue which was causing crashes after load.
· Fix for issue with units ignoring your commands if they’d just been assigned to your player (e.g. reinforcements).
· Fix for incorrect minimaps showing in the multiplayer game select screen after viewing the credits.
· Fix for stats system which would break some saves.
· Fix for build proxy which would break some saves.
· Units no longer get stuck in tunnels.
· Multiple armouries/barracks can no longer be placed after loading a savegame.
· Music is off by default when creating a new profile.
· Fix for c1m1 music/ambient sfx playing in the tutorial, if c1m1
· had been selected in the mission select screen.
· Fix for multiple UI sound effects being triggered during
· initialization, causing a “crunch” sound under the Firefly logo intro movie.
· Keep positions are now deserialized correctly when switching between maps. Correct keep position icons are now shown on the minimap.
· Fix for thread memory bug causing sudden large drop in
· framerate.

Multiplayer Fixes:

· Various issues with Multiplayer lobbies which should be much
· more stable now.
· Fix for the issue with players joining & leaving MP lobbies
· before start. It should no longer hang on “starting game”.
· Teams/colours should get assigned immediately on startup (no
· more waiting a few seconds and then your team number changes).
· Fix for players still being able to build after being eliminated
· from the game.
· Multiplayer estate assignment should be more consistent.
· Various out of sync issues.

帰宅して Stronghold 3 を起動したら version が 1.124196 になっていた… 結構基本的なところに bug が沢山あったようで、まずはその辺からというところだろうか。

取り敢えず、campaign difficulties の変更とかは記載されていないけれど、どう変わったか play してみることにしよう。


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