Sims 3 : Game update 1.11/2.6/3.2

Sims 3 を起動したら Game Upadte が来ていた。

ということで、Update してから、uninstall していた High-end Loft stuff を再度 install。すると、task 切り替えで応答がなくなる現象が治っている 🙂


  • Base Game: Fixes an issue where Sims continuously perform the “Be Invited Inside” interaction on other Sims’ lots.
  • Base Game: Fixes an issue that causes Sims to get stuck in the “Grab a Slice” interaction on pizza.
  • World Adventures: Fixes an issue that causes the game to freeze when attempting to save a household on a base camp.
  • High End Loft Stuff: Fixes an issue where the family inventory loses functionality after using the Create a Style tool on an object.
  • High End Loft Stuff: Fixes an issue that prevents the fulfillment of the “Buy a Video Game System” wish when buying the “GUGA JoyToy 3” and “Console 7” video game systems.
  • High End Loft Stuff: Fixes and issue that prevents the “Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium” Life Time Wish from counting fish in fish aquariums.
  • Shop Mode Update: Fixes problems caused by the font and updates the In Game Store to the latest EA Webkit version.

ということで、夕食の支度なんかを終えてから High-end loft stuff をちょっとだけ遊んでみよう。



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