HdRO: Dev Chat Transcript

11日にWarCryで行われたDev ChatのTranscriptが公開されている。


WarCry Herunaug: In the Lone Lands revamp, is Agamaur being substantially changed? If so, will there be less elites?

Orion Yes! Agamaur will see a significant change with the re-vamp to the Lone-lands. Elites are replaced with the signatures – as is the case with all of the elite areas. Small groups might be recommended for newer players and those not indoctrinated to the world of MMOs, and elder players will likely chew through the signatures without much difficulty.

Orion The goal with these changes is to ease people into the group content areas – like Garth Agarwen – which now has a section that is open to all serving as a lobby to the three separate wings of the instance cluster.

Lone-landsをre-vampするのにともなってAgamaurも結構大きく変わるとのこと。EliteがSignaturesにreplaceされるとか、よりsmall groupにPlayしやすい感じでのre-vampとなるようだ。

WarCry skorpion352:question for orion have you decided which region you are goning to revamp next, and if so, which one is it?

Orion North Downs would be next – split in half. West gets treatment first covering 22-32. We draw the Ram Duath into the east revision and it covers a 32-42 stretch with more group content than solo. I am weighing this against a revision to Epic Book content first. Right now…Epic Book revision is winning.

これは暫く先になると思うけれど、Lone-landsの次はNorth Downsをre-vampするそうだ。半分に区切って、西側をLevel 22 – 32をCoverするAreaに、東側はLevel 32 – 42をCoverしGroup contentsを多めにという感じになるとか。

SoMでEpicの見直しと、後はSkirmishがGroup SizeでScaleするようにDesignされているとか、結構個人的に嬉しい感じ。

Socializeは日常生活で十分なので、Online Gameの中でまでSocializeに精を出したくは無いというか、気の合う少人数でというPlayをしていると、大勢人のいるKinshipに加入して、人が多くなると必ずいる変な人とのsocializeに気力を使うのは面倒だ、というPlayerはそれなりに多いわけで。

WarCry Goldenstar: With current legendary weapons. Is it best to wait to identify them after SoM to get the new system or since I recieved it already is it already locked into the current legendary system?

Graal Its up to you really. Waiting will give more high quality legacies on identify, but if you REALLY like a legacy that is being removed you may want to identify them now.

後は今未鑑定のLegendary Itemを持っている人は、SoMが導入されるまでIdentifyするのを待てばよりよい品質のものが手に入るだろう、とか。この辺はそれぞれどうぞお好きなように、というところだろうか。



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