Integration: The Stranded Light

Years before Uriel Septim’s death Talos appeared before the Nerevarine, foretold that the Empire is about to end. More so, that it is time for a change – but without knowing, which form the change may take. “Young folks should try some new ideas. Could be messy. But change is never pretty.”

In the wake of Uriel Septim’s death, Cyrodiil is in turmoil. A city annihilated, guilds in open and secret wars with rivals and old enemies. Everyone knows, or thinks they do. Rumors run wild. The Black Horse Courier is always after the latest ‘news’. Yet there is more here still, a light rising, intertwined with shadows. A wind of change blows through Cyrodiil. New powers rising. Old ones returning. Some fading away into obscurity.

Old rules still apply, hiding what (or who) should not be visible to the public. Yet some rules are ignored, simply because they’re bad for business. And other rules are gone, swept away — Mehrunes Dagon is not the only Daedra interested in Mundus, though intentions and actions differ.

bg2408氏のBig Quest Mod “Integration: The Stranded Light” をDonwloadしてきてInstall。Race Balancing Project 10+とL.A.M.E.の1.7+がInstallされていないと動作しないということなので、その辺もまとめてInstall。ついでに若干他のMODsの構成も変えたり。

全部で30以上のQuest、Join可能な新しいGuild、CyrodiilとShivering Isle両方を舞台とする評判の高いQuest Modだ。週末に少しずつPlayしていけば一ヶ月くらいは余裕で楽しめるんじゃないだろうか…と思ってInstallしてみた。


それぞれに付属のDocumentsを確認してInstall。一応Bashで新しいSave Profileを作ってNew Game。Market Districtへ向かうところでGolden Saintが…話しかけるとKvatchに行って皇帝の後継者を探すのだ…ということか。どうやらKvatchでMartinを探すことがこのMODのQuest Lineの入り口になるようだ。




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