COBL 1.34

Common Oblivion (COBL)が1.34へUpdateされている。

=== 1.34 [4/11/2008]
* **Bugfix for v1.33!**
..* 1.33 erroneously included v 1.33 of Cobl Main.esp (the development mod, while retaining the old (v 1.32) version Cobl Main.esm. This most likely would cause problems for the newly updated Salmo the Baker.

=== 1.33 [4/9/2008]
* Salmo Household faction (fo use by Salmo-Cobl).
* Now includes [[Salmo the Baker, Cobl|Salmo the Baker]] (Cobl version).

=== 1.32 [4/6/2008]
* Applied Nvidia fog fix to all mods.
* StrFactions for use with OBSE %c messages.
* Added cobSigSi stage 10 script which will set the SEWorld jail stuff. Useful for mods that need to run in situations where SI may or may not be installed.

一番大きな変更としては、Salmo the Baker (COBL version)がMain Distributionに含められたことだろうか。




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