Detailed Terrain Beta II

Detailed TerrainのBeta IIが予告どおり今日Uploadされた。ということで、帰宅してPlanet Elder ScrollsからDownload。

Version Notes
Version 0.4 – Beta II – February 25, 2008
– Adjusted all landscape normal maps to eliminate the appearance of tiling.
– Added specular data for many textures that were missing this information.
– Fixed some missing mip-maps that were appearing as black at oblique angles.
– Blood splatters should no longer be masked by the terrain masks under them.
– Incidents of flickering blood splatters should be significantly reduced.
– The mod now modifies fewer shaders, reducing potential future conflicts.

Planet Elder Scrollsは時々エラーが出てDownload出来なくなるけれど、基本的に早いのでお気に入り。1GBくらいなら30分かからないでDownload出来るし。Tes Nexusは他のどのサイトと比べても、恐ろしい時間がかかるので、Tes Nexusにしかないファイルのときにしか使いたくないところ。




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